We are Crucial.

A team of API and GraphQL experts, that have built solutions at scale, for some of the world's largest companies.

They’ll have to pry Crucial from my cold dead hands!

Andrew McGrath, Head of DX, Refinitiv

Your APIs are the life-blood of your architecture.

We are a team of talented software developers, strategists and entrepreneurs - who help financial, retail and medical organizations modernize their API architectures and deliver GraphQL solutions that improve customer experiences and increase organizational agility

Crucial is a Minneapolis, MN, and Portland, OR-based software consultancy specializing in improving API strategy and execution for clients in the financial, retail and medical industries. We measurably improve development agility and API systems performance by delivering insights and recommendations that act as roadmaps for our client's journeys to technical excellence.

Our team was carefully vetted for their technical expertise in the GraphQL space. They have helped organizations modernize their APIs - from initially introducing GraphQL at organizations, to helping scale out GraphQL solutions to millions of customers. But knowledge and expertise are not enough. It never has been. We pride ourselves on our ability to collaborate, iterate and gain consensus with the teams we work with.

Learn how we’ve worked with some of the world’s most recognized organizations.

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API Audit

Working with your team, we perform a forensic level audit of your current API solutions, and produce a detailed and practical roadmap on how to improve every aspect of your organization’s API architecture and delivery.

GraphQL Audit

We perform a forensic level audit of your current GraphQL stack; from workflow, architecture, performance, testing and DevOps, to produce a detailed and practical roadmap for continuous improvement and growth.

GraphQL Lighthouse Projects

Crucial works with technology leaders to de-risk investments in high-value, highly-visible GraphQL projects. These projects deliver strong initial (and visible) value, while also creating significant downstream effects.

Code Augmentation

Sometimes, even the best teams have challenges delivering, at scale, when the pressure of timelines and limited resources impacts their ability to deliver. We have extensive experience helping internal teams achieve success.

GraphQL University - Onsite

Crucial provides several formats for people looking to familiarize or optimize their usage of GraphQL. Over 2-days, learn GraphQL from experts who have built real solutions at scale at some of the world's largest companies.


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