Who we are, what we’ve done and what makes us tick.

We are a team of talented software developers, strategists and entrepreneurs who enjoy delivering in the clutch for high-profile and high-risk initiatives that can’t fail.


Zach Lendon

Zach is an enterprise imagineer - who thrives on helping technology leaders dream big and deliver bold results. With twenty years of industry experience, Zach co-founded Crucial to enable corporate entrepreneurs dissatisfied with the status quo to change the world. He has a strong background in software architecture and modern front-end and API technologies.


Eric Edwards

Eric is a serial entrepreneur, with a diverse background in enterprise technology business development, digital agency ownership and management consulting for the professional services industry.  He has spent his career on both sides of the complex sale; from strategic marketing, to demand generation, marketing automation, through negotiating and closing multi-million-dollar engagements.


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