Hello, how can we help? Below are some insights into engaging Crucial.

What makes Crucial a good fit? Below, we’ve attempted to provide answers to some of the most common questions we are asked. Let us know if we should add one!

We excel at deploying high-caliber launch teams for high-value, high-risk projects. In particular, we focus on developing Lighthouse projects within the greater scope of Digital Transformation (DX) initiatives.

Access to premium talent is one of the greatest concerns of technical executives all over the world. We can deliver that up and down the stack. We also understand that being experts at our craft is just the ante. We pride ourselves on our ability to collaborate with our partners, imagineering solutions to delight and deliver value. We've played an integral role in DX efforts for some of the largest brands in the world.

We recognize that technical execution cannot be siloed; it needs to be done within the greater context of your business objectives. We immerse ourselves into your iniative to better understand current state, future state, obstacles, previous setbacks and to concretely define success.

A “Lighthouse” project is one that delivers on more than simply its original purpose. It's designed to create a signal effect - creating significant downstream impact on future initiatives. A “high value 1st win” dramatically reduces risk, builds team confidence, increases stakeholder buy-in and mitigates detractors. Our approach starts with a single, strategic Lighthouse project, designed to build cross-functional collaboration, increase engagement IQ and greatly increase the odds of initiative success.

Digital Transformation is not technology-driven. It's a business model transformation, aligning people process and technology across an organization to better adapt to evolutions in the customer journey. By understanding key business drivers, we can help craft one or more Lighthouse initiatives to ensure critical momentum is maintained -- that the pull of status-quo can be overcome.

No. We are a technology consultancy focused on deploying high-caliber launch teams within existing DX initiatives. We have extensive experience leading technology efforts within DX initiatives, but we believe that DX needs to come from within.

Crucial works best with clients who have started on their DX journey, but have yet to build the confidence, buy-in, or momentum required to drive significant change throughout an organization. Crucial will work with your team to identify the key Lighthouse project(s), assemble the right team - with the right skill set, and ultimately deliver both technology and process that will eliminate detractors and position your organization to continue their DX journey.

You can only improve what you can measure. One of our early learnings at Crucial was the importance of identifying measurable impact of Lighthouse projects. Without concrete numbers such as - Deployment speed increased by 87%, or post-launch production bugs reduced by 46% - Lighthouse projects don't provide the same signal effect. Instead, they merely become "just another project".


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