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Founders Why - Scott Silvi

Every founder of every company should start with why. Why are you embarking on this crazy journey of entrepreneurship? Why this specific company at this specific time?

automagical acquisition

Automagical Acquisition

Founder and Crucial President Scott Silvi founded Automagical in 2016, a product company focused on converting blog posts to marketing videos. It was acquired by Verblio in November of 2018.

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Lighthouse Projects

Scott Silvi breaks down the baffling series of events that led to Hertz filing a lawsuit against Accenture for $32M. He then explains what a Lighthouse project is, and how it could have prevented this debacle.

danske mobile app

Danske Mobile App

Crucial is delivering architectural guidance and leading development initiatives to help Danske Bank’s new mobile application scale to millions of customers, previewed in this Danish advertisement.


legacy to modern

Legacy To Modern

A great case study of describing how one of our clients applied modern technology on top of their legacy mainframe system to extract additional business value and dominate a market.

what is graphql

What Is GraphQL?

GraphQL is one of the biggest buzzwords in tech today. But what is it actually? Is it a query language like SQL? An execution engine like the JVM? A specification like XML? In this blog post, Zach Lendon provides the answers.

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