Crucial believes customer success + satisfaction is inextricably intertwined.

While we believe success is delivering world-class results, we understandĀ how an organization undergoes and responds to Digital Transformation is equally as critical.


Danske Bank

Danske was undergoing a large-scale digital transformation and having challenges with their flagship initiative, the roll-out of their new mobile banking platform. Crucial was engaged to address performance issues and provide architectural guidance to get the transformation back on track.

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Hilton Hotels

We engaged early in the process of a Digital Transformation at Hilton. Our team led multiple Lighthouse projects to prove viability, build confidence, garner support and demonstrated business value. We engaged on a later lighthouse project to engineer their cutting-edge content presentation platform.

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Refinitiv was faced with a common problem - where the left hand wasn't communicating with the right hand. Crucial was engaged to provide architectural oversight and drive lighthouse initiatives for Digital Transformation effort. A highlight of our engagement was our leading engineering on their new design system

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Caring Bridge

Delivered initial Lighthouse project for Digital Transformation of organization. Built reference implementation as part of a legacy-to-modern transformation, while assisting in creation of internal center of excellence in modern tech.

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We were engaged by a design firm to lead both front-end and back-end engineering on the initial MVP for the startup's product. After a successful and on-time launch, we built a reference implementation for a mobile version of their product.

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We were brought on as part of a team to lead back-end engineering on initial MVP of startup's SaaS product. Led building of a center of excellence in technology stack and provided reference architecture for future product build-out.

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