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They’ll have to pry Crucial from my cold dead hands!

Andrew McGrath, Head of DX, Refinitiv

The Industry

Global, 21,000-person financial institution

The Challenge

The digital banking team’s next generation mobile banking platform was slow and unreliable. Their React Native mobile application was incurring mounting technical debt and their mobile back-end platform was having challenges scaling effectively. Organizational agility was stalling and technical excellence was lacking.

Our Action

  • Architecture Audit and defined roadmap for ideal future state
  • Conducted architecture audit and defined roadmap for future mobile application state
  • Delivered initial stages of a React Native navigation overhaul to address major performance issues
  • Provided GraphQL training to internal teams
  • Addressed a multitude of low-hanging performance issues to deliver quick wins to address performance bottlenecks
  • Implemented Detox to measure React Native performance in CI/CD pipeline
  • Delivered proof-of-concept native login flow to address React Native startup times
  • Implemented lighthouse project to provide Kubernetes as a service to expedite a transition to scalable, containerized services

The Impact

Crucial helped bring Danske’s digital transformation back on track. Short-term performance wins were achieved, and roadmaps were defined to achieve broader one’s. Aided by our involvement, centers of technical excellence around React Native and GraphQL were built and organizational agility was improved. Crucial’s involvement helped accelerate the organization along its path to being a financial banking institution that others will look to emulate in the years ahead.


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