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They’ll have to pry Crucial from my cold dead hands!

Andrew McGrath, Head of DX, Refinitiv

The Industry

Global, 18,000-person financial institution

The Challenge

Technology leadership was tasked with accelerating time to market for both current and future initiatives. An initial audit of their infrastructure revealed a multitude of product teams duplicating efforts up and down the entire stack. This duplication of effort was leading to slow deployments, poor use of capital and low confidence in the engineering team. Momentum on the initiative stalled.

Our Action

  • Architecture Audit and defined roadmap for ideal future state
  • Architected a common pattern library to promote reuse and reduce boilerplate
  • Architected and deployed design system to centralize common UI / UX patterns
  • Built the technical architecture for a component library
  • Created CI / CD pipeline to accelerate time from commit to production
  • Created a center of excellence to ensure adoption and sustainability

The Impact

Crucial collaborated with internal teams to create common sets of components to increase project scoping accuracy, throughput and impact. Overall go-to-market velocity has significantly increased, with projects adhering to a unified user experience across the entire suite.


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