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They’ll have to pry Crucial from my cold dead hands!

Andrew McGrath, Head of DX, Refinitiv

The Industry

Critical non-profit for health crisis

The Challenge

As a non-profit on a fixed budget with over 20 years of technical debt piled up, a Digital Transformation to a modern, decoupled stack carries a different risk than it does for a large enterprise organization. The technology leadership doesn’t have the ability for a long, multi-year safari. Resource constraints don’t provide the ability to experiment broadly.

Our Action

  • Design and implement GraphQL and NextJS patterns that would form the foundation for broader re-platforming initiative
  • Document and train team on patterns to build up a center of excellence in the newer technology approaches

The Impact

The team is building out the functionality on their new platform leveraging best practices assimilated from both Crucial and community experiences. The team is able to ramp up more quickly on the newer technologies and move more confidently with them than they were prior to Crucial’s involvement.


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